Do the photos which are presented on your website of all the girls working for your escort agency correspond to the actual girls?
-As soon as a girl starts working for us, her photos are automatically placed on the site, that’s why there are no girls working for us whose photos can not be found on the website of Kiev escort agency.

Do you give apartments for escort girls or they can receive clients in their homes?
-Yes, it is possible, but only with a prior arrangement; You should discuss it with us not less than one day before the prospective meeting.

Should I pay for an apartment if the meeting takes place in the escort girl`s place?
-Certainly, you should, we do not have our own apartments, and we rent them just the same way You could rent them. As a rule, it costs no more than 100 $ for an apartment per day, and 2 hours for a sauna in the city centre.

Are there girls in your escort agency who render services to married couples?
– Yes certainly we have such girls, but this information should be specified to the dispatcher, when you call us and arrange a meeting with our Ukraine escort Lady.

When is it necessary to inform You and discuss all details if I want to invite a girl to my country?
– The earlier You do it, the better, because if You put it off, the girl You want to invite can be already busy. In any case we recommend to our clients to contact us 1-2 weeks beforehand.

How is a payment made when I invite a girl to my country, should I send any advance payment?
– When You invite a girl to Your country, You should send us 50% of the tour cost by Western Union, this money is necessary for us to buy a ticket for the girl and pay for a visa if she needs it, for her to arrive in Your country. The other 50 % of the tour cost You will have to pay on the girl’s arrival to You.

Can I buy an electronic ticket to the girl by myself?
-Yes, certainly, you are able to do it, but nevertheless You will have to pay visa formalities.

For what period can I invite the girl to my country?
– As a rule, this information requires coordinating directly with the girl whom You choose. Some of them cannot stay with you for a long time because they are students and must take examinations. In any case it is very individual and requires coordination with the girl herself.

Are there any countries, to which your girls cannot go?
-Yes, really, there is a number of countries to which our girls do not go because it is an extremely complicated procedure to receive a visa there. It can take a lot of time – from 2 weeks to about 2 months, or a long list of documents can be required. Among such countries are Great Britain and the USA.

Do you offer several kinds of apartments from which I could choose, if I decide to arrive to your country and spend, for example, a couple of days with your escort girl?
– Certainly, we do. Firstly, You should tell us where and in what apartment You would like to live, secondly, we will send You some variants of apartments according to Your preferences and You will choose the one that suits you