First Night at the Douglas’ Club

It was 9 p.m. by my watch. I walked along the busy streets of London, almost aimlessly. I was exhausted since it has been a lengthy day with no such activity that might turn in my favour. Oh! No! I was not on my way home after a tiresome day at work. Rather, my work hours had just started and I looked around in an attempt to spot some lonely lad wandering in search of solace. I could see nobody other than a couple of women shooting me a penetrating look. Maybe it was the clothes which might have been too ‘vulgar.’

Last week, I heard from a friend at a party that I could voluntarily offer ‘services’ to people in the city of London. Here I was.

I brushed off my trail of thoughts and tried to focus on my burning cigarette. However, I have been subconsciously noticing a man across the street. He didn’t look more than in his forties and I instantly knew that he would be interested in my services. Nonetheless, I waited for a while before following him into Douglas’ club which was barely a few blocks away.

Initially, he pretended to ignore my presence, so I had to change my tactics. I seated myself on the next table while he kept gulping down his brandy. I knew he was the most vulnerable person in the club and it might be of some advantage to me. Soon, his manly instincts took over whatever was bothering him and he offered to buy me a drink, which I accepted. Unaware of my motives, he began to strike a conversation, assuming it to be a generic date at the pub. Amidst the dim lights, I noticed his sharp features and a well-built physique with a whitish complexion. I started laughing at the jokes I wasn’t even paying attention to. I placed my palm on his thighs. He was taken aback by the sudden gesture. Before he could decipher, I leaned towards him and whispered in his ears, ‘Are you ready to spare a few pounds while I take care of your needs?’

He accepted the offer easily and followed me to the washroom. It was 11 p.m. and I found myself, bending over the washbasin in the washroom of the Douglas’ Club. He lifted up my sun dress and caressed my butt, while I kissed him, grabbing his hair. He spanked me a few times before unzipping his pants. He rubbed his erect cock along the lining of my pussy and slid it in. I let out a moan in pleasure. He started to ram his dick in me, gently first, then shoving the entire length into my wet pussy. I almost screamed but the loud music in the club was enough to silence it. He pulled my hair and fucked me for a while before I knelt down and gagged on his cock. He tucked a few pounds into my bra and I sucked harder, making him cum all over my face.

And there I chose to be an escort in the city of London.